Small Challenge.

This is my reddit thread :

Here you can see all that I’ve posted, So if you are indeed justify in banning me, prove it.

Show where I went so overboard that I HAD TO BE BANNED.

I dare you to take the time, if you can find an example, I’ll remove my reddit Post, and even apologize, here, on my blog.

And I will still be banned, on top of that, I’ll make no attempt at trolling, or even concern trolling by creating new accounts.

n.b. To issue my challenge, I’ll need to ask one of my friend to post it for me, if you feel you must ban him, he doesn’t care, he is not a dancer.

Edit : I’ve got my answer, some guys, probably from reddit/r/SwingDancing accused me of dishonesty, saying that I created false comments and insulted me. If it was so obvious that I broke the code of conduct, they could shut me up real fast, since from what they say about me, I was constantly breaking the code of conduct.

I will give them more time, maybe they will shut me up for good. But right now, the score is 0 – 2.

State of the Lindy Hop Community.

Before I start, let me tell you, this is not a pretty picture. And this will expose the methods used by the schools who are now becoming generic 20’s dances schools.

Then vs now.

Roll back 10 years ago, and the schools were primarily doing Lindy Hop, Charleston and Jazz Step classes, and when I say primarily, for the vast majority of schools, What we called at the time, Swing, was 90%+ of the classes taught in those schools.

Today, most schools see a major drop in Swing related classes, in most schools in North America, the ratio of swing taught is about 55% – 60%, more than a third of the schools that were doing swing as a primary business are closed. That mean that the number of available spots to learn swing has dropped to about 40% of what was available and filled ten years ago.

In NYC, after searching for about 20 minutes, which is a long time clicking, no dedicated Swing School was found, may I remind you, New York City is the second largest city in the world, and the birth place of the Lindy Hop Dance. Nowadays, swing lesson are taught in ballroom schools, and community centers.

But when you go at events, plenty of peoples. It seem healthy enough, but without access to any numbers, from the event organizers, who know? but if the data from the school is any indication, it is probably in decline. And if we could look at the numbers of people who only know swing, the number could be about 40%.

Also, the cost/benefit of these event, when put in relation with the swing movement, are dropping like a rock. Those events need to be bigger, one hall will not cut it anymore, we need several halls, for several style of music, we need more DJ’s, sound equipment, and in some case, more video equipment, more MCs, it is becoming more and more expensive to fill the needs of the 20’s to 60’s style dancers. All of this is expensive and create an additional barrier for new dancers, because the price of the events are going up, it would be a waste of money for a newcomers who is not even already integrated in the community.

The events are becoming less and less satisfying for new comers.

Events in order to survive, have to diversify, at my last event, I made a little social experiment, in an event with one big dance room, and a smaller one. I told myself that for one day in the event, I would only dance Swing, that experiment was important, because I wanted to experiment the event has a newcomer, with only one trick up his sleeve.

In the dedicated Jazz theme room, I was often frustrated by balboa songs, too fast for beginner, myself, I could lead most of them, but only with great follows. And others where blues songs, and I looked over my shoulder, and I saw one newcomer daring to dance, and it was awkward. It was too slow for his skill level.

All in all, half of the song, a newcomer couldn’t dance on it. I know, week-end event are made for good dancers, so I stayed a little longer, and I went to a local one night event. And it was worst, the ratio drop to 1 in 3, mind you, this is only a sample of one, but I remember 10 years ago, that ratio was about a 100%.

Problem of retention.

I’ve talk with fellow teacher about the problem of retention, keeping are students and have them become engaged in the community, more and more it feel like student are taking classes not to learn the dance, but as a social activity. They are the basic ballroom school clients, the class is the event. I know, because I was part of the ballroom community when I was young, and let me just tell you, what killed ballroom for me, was all the outfits, the mannerism, the booty shaking, and the total lack of ANY EVENTS.

When you think about it, these day, a barrier of entry has been erected for the newcomers, the price of learning enough skill to be welcome in the community has gone up. Now, a dancer need to be better before they can feel like they belong. And to truly be one of the gang, they need to do more than swing dancing, they need to learn another dance, like blues, ballboy, shag and others, they need to be more.

Gone is the time where three classes made you an interesting enough dancer that people will ask you for your name.

Most lead are men, and therefore there is a gender disparity. Leads need to not only be good, but be great. Good leads could still be integrated, but it will take a longer time, and they will have to endure frustration for a longer time. The newcomers leads I’ve talked to felt like they didn’t belong, they felt like they weren’t good enough, things only get better for leads, when they can become part of a team. That is what I mean by great.

But this is not the only thing, nowadays, new men, not leads, men, are now met with suspicion, the word “creepy” has definitely become an important part of the swing community, and men are deemed suspicious unless proven otherwise, the new code of conduct are specially directed at men’s behaviour.

So all those factors, could greatly explain two phenomena I saw in the Swing community, the first one, being a lack of new competitors, and the great lead, follow imbalance.

If you don’t grow, you are dying.

This is a well know economic principle, and I do agree, the community isn’t a business… or is it.

The vast majority of the events are organized by Swing Schools, or dance schools. If their number fall, and are force to close, the event go with it, down the drain.

Right now, the business is good in Europe, not so much in North America. We already started to see some dancer just become immigrants in Europe, choosing to continue their activity over there.

We can already see the state of Lindy Hop in New York City, the city that should be an important center of Lindy Hop, but isn’t anymore.


From my vantage point, it doesn’t look good, schools are either diversifying or dying. Less newcomers, less new blood, less innovation is coming from North America.

And by finding the solution why, here and now, we could probably save the North America swing community, and save other world community of this decline.

In my own opinion, the gender imbalance could be one of the reason. Lindy Hop is still a social dance, many of you found the love of their life in the community. And with retention problem of the leads, the community is becoming, less and less interesting for newcomers follows, therefore creating the retention problem of the follows.

It is not everyone who enter the Swing dancing community for their burning passion for dance, a lot enter the community looking for something, someone, and fell in love with the dance.

Little Thought experiment.

Let’s do a small experiment together, let play a gender switch game, let’s close our eyes and picture a women, not overly attractive, just ok looking, and let give that girl a name, let’s call her The Logical Follow.

Now, let’s take a look at an event, where this women was victim of harassment.

Like in this post : I’ve got my own personal Stalker

If this was a women account, would you take the time to read ? Trying to truly understand what happen ? How would you find it, would you automatically jump to the conclusion that this person must have deserved it ?

Ask yourself those questions, and then switch the gender back, are the answer the same as before ?

If you are truly honest, maybe you did see that your answer are quite different, maybe for you, when it is a man, you find him to be whiny. You are telling yourself that he must have deserved it. this is the Empathy gap.


Don’t worry, I am not crying…. 🙂

But the empathy gap is a very real phenomena, and it color everything you see in the world, it even change the way you judge and react to situation.

This empathy gap is one of the component that cause the gender imbalance in the community, and this gap, is what make people make harsher judgement.

I’ve got my own personal Stalker.

I’ve got my own personal thought police.

Yep, the moderator is on a vendetta, his mission, finding any reason, whatsoever to silence my speech on reddit.

We had a nice discussion, me and Yehoodi Elite Rickomatic, talking about the fact that it was a great mistake to align the community with ANY political affiliation, and this chief sensor just decide to use his limited power to ban this persona.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 2.13.10 PM

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 9.33.38 PM

This sensor have ignore all the insult, ad hominem, down vote campaign organized on Jive Junction, all the automatic down votes, things that are clear violation of reddit term of services, but who cares right ? But this is the kind of harassment I face every time I post on reddit, but I’m a patient avatar.

Since he can’t really ban me, because I always answer blatant insult with “You are too kind, thank you”, that would look very bad. Did I mention that I’ve been shadow banned for a while years ago, while never actually had crossed the line ?

Now should I suspect that Rickomatic use his influence to have me silenced ? I don’t know, since he just pulled a fast one on the whole community. We will talk about that on a later post.

This kind of conduct, who are blatantly bias was exactly what I tried to warn the community about in this post.

Sarah, Allison and the new rules.

The fact his, the way I’m treated on this forum, is a symptom of what is wrong with the community, some peoples will go out of their way to silence speech they don’t like, It is getting as bad as on the college campuses.

So yeah, now I’ve got a stalker, and an harasser, for nothing, like he said, I didn’t crossed the line, but he is gonna keep watching all over the internet for when I do.

Let that sink in, I’VE NEVER CROSSED THE LINE.

What about In Real Life ?

If he is willing to go to that extreme, for an opinion he doesn’t like, here online, what do you think now about the codes of conducts in other community, real community, when people say something not popular, like an opinion, do you think that the people in charge can be trusted ?

This moderator and his team are all part of the community, and “Super Mario” clearly stepped over the line, and no one said anything, you can hear the sounds of criquets. He is so sure that his transgression will not be a big deal, that he called me out PUBLICLY IN A THREAD ON REDDIT.

So, let’s see what all the serial rapists in the community had in common, they were all well liked, and respected, but weren’t descent human being, they clearly violated the law of the land. But no one did anything, as we know, at events, they are never enough room for everyone, and the case of Max Pitruzella clearly display that people knew about it, knew who did it, and did nothing.

In reddit, I have two harassers, who are also well liked by “Super Mario”.

First one is Karek, he have been harassing me for more than 24 hours now, showing it, is  very simple, just display his comment page, see it is ALL ABOUT LITTLE ME.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 9.46.12 PM

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 9.48.05 PM

Source :

edit : The images links are picture of pigeon, meant as insult, his opinion of this avatar, is that it has a pigeon brain….

So this guy, for harassing me for very soon 48h get a pass, because you know, people like him, he basically down votes everything I post, he is another stalker of mine, he insult without any point, do Ad Hominem, freely libel.

he go against three important rules of reddit, and for those transgressions, he should be banned.

Personally, I don’t care if he is banned or not, he is putting on display the point I was trying to make here : Post about the new codes of conduct

My point in that post is that influential people will be exempt from the code of conduct. I don’t see in light of recent event, why it would be different.

The second one of my stalker is Fedak.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 9.54.43 PM.png

He is less intense, but he did harass me for 24 hours, he insulted me, he tried to libel against me : “Just a heads up, LL (Logical Lead) is our resident dog-whistling gas lighting asshat. Take what he says with a grain of salt and a PUNCH TO THE KIDNEY.”

About the punch to the kidney, I am not sure, is he physically threatening me ?

That kind of behaviours is also against the rules, he should also be banned. But he won’t, because rules don’t apply to him either.

One thing for sure, those two guys are obsessed by me, and if they ever learn my name, I wouldn’t feel safe seeing them, maybe they could go as far as beat me into a pulp.

Are they banned ? No, off course not, one is an event organiser, teacher and very good dancer, they are well known and respected in the community, so obviously the code of conduct of Reddit DOESN’T APPLY !

I do fight back, I don’t play the victim, and like “Super Mario” said, even while fighting back, I didn’t cross the line, but my opinion is so unpopular, that he probably think I deserve the abuse.

In this story, I could be considered a victim, but it would not be fair for REAL VICTIMS, like Sarah, Allison and the others, so you don’t lose count we are now nearly at 10 victims. Ten victim who were too afraid to talk openly, because their rapists were like Kareck and Fedak, well know, appreciated and respected harasser, I am not saying that Kareck and Fedak are rapist, anyway not at this moment, they are not. And that like Max and Steven, their bad behaviour is swept under the rug, no one talk about it, even if everyone following the thread could see what they were doing.

Ten VICTIMS that DARED speak in private with peoples they trusted, and were received with disbelief, I say that because no one banned them from the Swing community, until they had no choice but to BAN THEM, because they were exposed.

You can be sure that other victim, of all kind of abuse are watching, I’ve got a very wide mostly silent audience on that blog, in two days, I’ve got 500 visits, they looked at about 2.5 pages each. And in two days, three other peoples contacted me, telling me to continue what I was doing.

They are watching and they are learning that they better not talk, because if they do, they will be as badly treated as this avatar.

Special thank you for the live demonstration of the usefulness of the codes of conducts as silencing and harassing tools, from my good friend Ickeroomorgan better know as “Super Mario”

Read more about the dangerous use of the codes of conduct as weapons against unpopular dancers.

Update : Why ban the wrong doers, who are your friends, when you can ban the one person, presenting an opposing point of view, and his constantly attacked, defamed, insulted…

You have here in full display the dept of the corruption in the community, and the foolishness of the people creating those code of conduct.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 1.12.13 PM

Contrary to this lie, the one being constantly insulted is me, bad thing for them, anyone can go and take a look at what I written, I wasn’t always nice, but when I wasn’t, I was defending myself, from very mean people.

This is the Culture of Silence in full display., Once again.

Further Update : YEHOODI EDITION
Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 7.01.33 PM
source :

So, I expected that I could answer, nope, he block the guess post function, already. He maybe doesn’t know that he did that, but it is most likely that this man lies. He blocked it, and to give himself a pretty face, he make it look like a warning, such an honest man.

So now it is impossible to post anonymously on anymore, now you have to be findable, and be subject to harassment in your community, if you voice an opinion other peoples don’t agree with.

And after blocking all guest post, Rickomatic enjoyed some libel, painting me as a big bad monster, obviously, he did get that I was subject of constant harassment online, he don’t care about that, all that from a brother…. just SAD.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 6.44.17 PM


Swing community, Wrong Thinkers need not apply.

I saw a rare shit show in a community. Somewhere on the interweb. I saw one guy, who had a controversial opinion, and backed it up with sources and facts. To be honest, I was touched and proud in some way, hoping that he is one of my 5000 readers.

In that instance, I saw the same old, same old. No argument of any importance, no sources, no facts, all those people attacking him with personal attacks, with absolutely no substances, the same old attack, he must be sexist, he must be a biggot, he is suffering from a mental health issue, he is an idiot, he is crazy. But as usual, no respect of his point of view. It was not generalized, but it was very wide spread.

Some people clearing suffering from an inflated sense of their own moral superiority, even projected this feeling, and say he was arrogant. So, one of those right moment, when the bad traits of the community is exposed for all to see.

What about tolerance of opinion, and point of view ?

From their own admission, they admit that they didn’t knew the guy, so it beg to reason that they felt threaten by his point of view. Threaten enough to attack him, personnaly.

So if the guy was not well knowned, the only thing that distinguish him, from other guys, was his opinion. I now know that tolerance is something that the community pride itself of being. But is that tolerance limited to different genders, sexual orientation, the part of the world you come from, the color of your skin ?

Being tolerant, if it is to be considered a virtue, must be applied to everything, tolerance of opinion and point of view included. If you are intolerant, feel attacked, feel threaten by another person point of view, for the simple fact that you don’t agree with them, then you are in fact intolerant.

I saw some virtue signaling, statement who are very common, empty in their underlying reasoning, stated only for personal gains, to prove to other that you are a “good” person, that you got right think.

Those people who virtue signal, never give any reason, any facts, and therofore maybe not be trusted, we can’t know what they really think, if they are not deceiving the people they are signalling to. On the other hand, they could be honest, and truly believe what they say, and grew tired of explaining themselves.

But the risk remain that they may be hypocrits, hiding what they really think, in order to be accepted and liked, or worse further a personal agenga who doesn’t have the good of the community in mind.

Wolf in sheep clothing.

The problem with a very rigid code of thought, is that some people with absolutely no opinion or investment in those issue, can easily hide in this kind of community. They repeat the mantra, and become like all the other good persons. Their own personal agenda could be to sleep with very young women, or find a way to take money out of the community, to gain power and influence, all they need to do, is repeat the mantra, virtue signal, and become the best dancer money can buy. In fact, some people see the community as an opportunity for personal gain, I know some people like that.

It would be immensely more difficult, if people were not frown upon, when they state their own personal opinion, if people were accepted, even if their point of view differ, one day or another, in that kind of environment, there is no rule, and one of those wolf in sheep clothing would miss step, become suspicious, because he would feel restrained, akward. But these day, everybody in the community feel restrained, their smile are sometimes too artificial, akwards, they are very cautious, or don’t talk at all, it is a perfect environment to fit it, as long as you know the code, and know the right way of seeing things.

And finally, the most obvious wolf, me. I’ve been easily hidding in the community. Danced, had fun, all that with my wrong opinion and unique view of the world well hidden, it is easy really. I’ve travelled quite a few time in the last year, and I discovered that some people was searching for me, I was right under thier noses.  I’ve even promessed a few people that I would keep my eyes open, sorry, but i cannot help it, I’ve got a little smirk, while writing this.

But then, if the right opinions, and the right view of the world was not a requisite, on pain of become irrelevant, invisible, being directly ostracized. Then I would not need to hide in this community, I don’t mind that people disagree, I mind that people are usign their social power to destroy people through influence, gossip, slander or libel.

In order to dance like no one is watching, you must be confortable being yourself.

We are missing a lot of creativity, this frame is too strict, because that frame even include what is accptable music to dance to. When DJs limit their creativity with the question : “Is it ok if I play this song, if it swing ?”, you can bet that we are missing wonderful opportunity of growth. The same line of thinking apply to other area of the dance, the move we include in our routine, the little flavor and personnality we choose to include, one incident come to mind the “kenel” incident, two french dancer did a sign in their dance, and it was judge hateful. They were very quickly attacked, no explenation accepted, some even asked that they lost their position in the contest they were in.

In the case of Irene Mauvais, she was verbally attack, people lied about her, tell her that she liked Hitler… Very classy, actually, it is very trashy, and without any other reason that at the moment she did that sign, she became the enemy.

I had one of my friend, a french dancer, who explain to me the meaning of that sign, from is point of view, it is basically showing somebody shoving is harm up someone behand, and the hand show up to where. It is directed at the government and the establishment. So, I don’t think it is an inverted Nazi salute, because it would make no sense, in some movie, and culture, an inverted crucifix mean satan, basically, the inverse of god.

So yeah, tolerance should become real, right now, we are living in a very PC climate, full of right think, empty virtue signalling, and an important number of wolf in sheep clothing, playing the system against itself.

Once again, I feel the need to repeat myself.

I believe that the first step of taking care of a problem is to name it. That is why I write these posts, my posts are not perfect, but at least, they are honest in my desire to instill changes, and those changes, I feel will make the community better, healthier.

Virtue Signaling and the effects on the community.

What is “Virtue Signaling”

Virtue Signalling refers to the public expression of an opinion on a given topic primarily for the purpose of displaying one’s moral superiority before a large audience to solicit their approval.” –

“activities intended to indicate a person’s virtuousness” –

It is basically, talking to show your greatness, it is boasting about how virtuous you are. It accomplish nothing else, but what is intended, making the person LOOK viruous.

What does “Virtue Signaling” accomplish ?

In the community, the virtue signalers accomplish next to nothing, since you are saying what you think other people find virtuous, you are speaking about things that you don’t really understand, things that you can’t see the full effect of. That explain why men are the most agressive with their virtue signaling, they are saying what they believe women want them to say. Creating more problems than correction.

An example is the biggest bomb to blow up in the community, Steven Mitchell, he confessed, but his confession was only virtue signaling, in fact, he still teach, a trully repentent person, would have walked away, this is the least he could have done. A truly virtuous person, would have offer to go to the police station, and confess to the authority, and would have been judge, and would have paid the price of his actions.

This is the difference between virtue, and virtue signaling. The later is done to elevate one self. the former is done from a sense of justice and fairness. So virtue signaling is done instead of really doing something, it is a coward way of dealing with things.

A virtue signaler, need to have a ingroup, he need to be part of a private and select group, people like himself that will protect him, by fear of mutual assured destruction. People he know to be lying, in the same way as he do, and are dishonest when they pretend to be perfect. This create the phenomena of “Clique”.

“The community is broken. It’s clique and it does not foster good dancing relations. The classes are of a GREAT SIZE yet the social dancing scene is small. Why aren’t beginners encouraged from day one to social dance? Why is their no incentive to include them in the community? swing dancing is a social activity yet the social scene is inherently not social.” –

As said in the exerpt, it create a barrier, between most experienced dancer, who have been accepted as part of the ingroup, and will create an echo chamber, repeating what the leaders of the ingroup are saying, for fear of being outcast. They want to keep their place, so they just shutup. This post over there, is one of the few time I saw an honest discution, not brough forward by me.

The post was brought, by a newcomer, in a private group on Facebook, so she can remain anonymous, but since it is clear to me that she didn’t know the unspoken rules, I’m sure TypeJack will inform her.

We see that some people are concerned, they know that this kind of posts is a “no no”. That this kind of post, exposing the very obvious flaws of a community, is not very good for the inflated sense of superiority that seem to be “de rigueur”. And exposing those flaw is not the way to go, people like it the way it is, they don’t want it to change.

“Luckily things posted on a page by non admins are actually very difficult to find by others, and don’t show up in other’s news feeds so it’s not too likely other people will become bitter.

A PM would’ve still be better though.”

Got a bad news to all the conservative in the community, conservative when use in this context, mean that you want to keep things as is. You don’t want to progress to something that could be better. And without the willingness to evolve, only one thing remain, it is death, the death of the community. Me for one, I am not ready to see the community die. I want it to thrive, it is why I take the risk, the risk of being discovered.

Let’s go back to some prime example of virtue signaling.

“Oh yeah, by “our scene” I meant the swing dancing scene in general. My own scene has some of these issues but some of the organizers have gone through periods of soul searching about how to be more welcoming, and while it’s not perfect, I’d like to think it’s not some kind of elitist dystopia.” –

See, how much better we are ? We are not perfect (What, just shy of perfect?).

No solutions ? No inspiration ? Just, we don’t have that problem ?

Somehow, I doubt it, and it seem, I was right. The post before, by the same person, say this.

“At the end of the day, you have to ignore the bullshit. There will always be nice people who have a smile for everyone, there will always be social climbers, there will always be people revolving around the social climbers, there will always be shy people glued to the walls. I find it hard to believe there are scenes out there completely devoid of nice folks. Sometimes new people come in and zero in on the “high profile dancers” and fixate on the idea that they’re being snubbed by the HPDs. Meanwhile the HPDs themselves are a mixture of nice folks, shy folks, assholes, etc. They’re just people. Yeah some dancers may actively snub newbies, some may be too busy getting asked to dance all night to manage to work the room themselves, some (make that MANY) may be socially awkward themselves.”

So the whole soul searching solution is to do nothing. Just saying, nope, there is no problem, it’s all in your head… carry on !

“I’m wondering if this guy moved from a Latin country to a place like Finland or Germany where the social dynamics are less overt? Or if he’s making some faux pas. This is probably what a Really Smelly dancer experiences every night.” – TeardownStrongHold

Same here, must be his/her fault. Nothing to see, carry on. And with a reddit username of “Tear down Strongholds”, it SCREAM progressive virtue signaling.

“In the short term, my response would be along the lines of

‘Wow, I’m really sorry to hear you’ve had an experience like this. Would you be open to discussing this more fully over a coffe/drink? Ideally I’d want to find out more about the issues so that we can try and improve things where possible.’ ” – Zmech

Empty virtue signaling, why not anonymously contact the poster anonymously ? Why proclaim to the world of reddit, talk is cheap, don’t you know.

Is the problem being discussed here, really being addressed ? Off course not. Virtue signaling is the end of it. Those people are not willing to do anything about it, they want to show how virtous they are, collect upvotes, and then, the cow has been milked, let’s move on.

But LOGICAL LEAD, no one gave any good ideas, it is not our job ! Then who’s job is it ? Are we not all part of this community, where is the real courage ? The real conviction ? Are everyone in the community selfish ? Are they usign the community, instead of helping it grow ?

Food for taught.

“I hate to say it, but I understand the feeling. Most people are very nice, but some are almost elitist about their dancing and roll their eyes at anyone not at their level.” – MarinaWilliams

“While I disagree with posting something like this on the group’s page (could end up making even more people bitter), I understand the sentiment as an intermediate who was a beginner not long ago.” – Novalisk

“I’m now in a scene where the teachers are great instructors and great dancers but seem to disappear off to the “good dancers corner” during the social dance. I don’t mind personally but I do recognize the active approach of the first scene I was in.” – Falaphilips

“I have noticed that in our scene, sometimes people who probably weren’t the coolest in their former lives take to swing dancing and see it as an avenue where they can finally be cool. We all want to be special, we all want to be admired, it’s human nature. But part of being an adult is learning that indulging your ego too much makes you a schmuck and separates you from other people.” – Pleine Lune

“This is a common problem in many scenes. I have never seen a scene ‘solve’ it and most do a terrible job at ‘addressing’ it. From what I’ve seen, addressing it will come down to them talking about it, maybe trying one or two things for a few weeks, and then promptly giving up and saying, “We tried!” or “I guess nothing is really broken!” or “I have such a fun time at the dances, maybe it’s just your perspective!” or “Jeez, everyone is so friendly and nice to me!” (everyone being their insular group of friends)

I think part of the reason for this is that people who have been very isolated or outsiders never climb to the top and get the power to address the problems. That’s been my experience, at least. I could never climb the power structure to address it and I didn’t feel like competing or starting from scratch. Maybe when I am settled down somewhere for more than 2-3 months I’ll finally do it.” – b-rad-ly

So… no problems right ?

Chris Härm, serial rapist or victim of slander.

So this is another story, by now you should know how it goes, or those it ? This case is either one of those two, It is either another serial rapist, like Steven Mitchell, or it is a victim of slander.

Who is Chris Harm ?

Chris Härm is a teacher/traveling teacher, event organizer, lindy hop and blues dancer. He is a minor LindyStar. So like all the other star, he get some amount of adulation, and he is subject to temptation, by young attractive follow. He travel to events, invited to teach workshop, he is often in position of authority.
In his own words :

“Over the past years Chris has been working hard, combining his passion for travel and dance, to bring Lindy hop and Blues to Spain, Iceland, Germany, Australia, France, Estonia, Ireland, England, New Zealand, Switzerland, Austria, Infinity…and beyond!”

Source :

He is no Superstar, but he is a lindy hop star.

Accusation by Braden Nissin

A few days before 7th of March 2016, this facebook user and well knowned lindy hop dancer accuse Chris Härm of having raped two women that he know and trust. Their is also the shadow of a third victim.

“I have heard from two women who I trust that Chris Harm raped them. Both of these accounts were told separately, and as far as I know the two women don’t know each other, they live in very different regions. In at least one case, the one I heard more details about, the word no was said out loud, many times. There also may be a 3rd instance, but this is not something I personally know anything about.”

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We only have that post, and this accusation is very thin, we got not much fact, only that two women reported to their friend (Braden Nissin), that they have been raped by Chris Härm.

Personaly, I believe in due process, and considering the amount of false rape accusation (very high profile), like, the duke lacross rape case, the virginia university gang rape hoax reported by the Rolling Stone Magazine, the Colombia University mess, the latest Jian Gomeshi debacle… Let’s just say that I have way more trust in the justice system then the whole PitchFork Mob mentality of the mass media.

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Is he innocent, is it why the police didn’t get involved ?

So, why accusing people behind closed door ? How can it make sense ?

Their is off course the ususal way of looking at this situation, the “victims”/accusers are afraid to speak up, they are afraid of what may happen, they see themselves as being expendable, they are afraid of a community wide backlash, and from what I have seen in my year and a half (Yep already been about 18 months that this entity exist), they should be afraid.

But since we know nothing of this situation, there is also the possibility that this is just a story, invented by peoples, who colluded with each other, it could be an exageration, or it could be a case of buyer’s remorse, after a totally consensual encounter.

The fact is, we don’t know.

What does it say about the community ?

What is say about the community, is that we are willing to tolerate slander/criminal actions, that people who are established in the community are above the law, Steven Mitchell’s action, as much as I know, where never brought to the authority. He is still a free man, for his actions. He still probably work as a teacher, in some remote part of our community. And let me remind you, he confessed to the things he was accused of.

It say that our community is way to willing to accuse or ignore the “victims” and swept those pesky situation under the rug, forget it, like it never happen. Even if it keep happening.

Worse, we have learn that some people will basically protect those potential slanderer/sexual predator. Peoples like Jennifer Banister, who keep to herself rape accusation made by women (we presume), and therefore shielding potential rapist or slanderer from the law.

“On a personal note, I’m sure some of my anger at Braden is due to the fact, I’m envious of him. I am the holder of a number of people’s confidences both as a friend and as a member of a safe spaces committee. There is one individual in particular I would like to name, but betraying a rape survivor/victims trust because I am mad at the world and want ‘justice’ is still betraying a survivor/victim who gifted you with trust”

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Then what to do ?

It should be simple, evident, any and all rape accusations, should be taken to the authority! If someone has done it to one women, there is a very good chance that he has done it to other women, and that he will do it again.

On the other side, If a woman has falsely accuse a man, there is also a good chance that she did it in the past, and that she will do it again.

The best position for anyone, is neutrality, taking the presumed victim side, could cause the destruction of a person life, and taking the presumed agressor side, when you don’t know the victim, could basically further victimize the victim.

This is the least worst solution, because no perfect solution exist. The worst solution, is do what the community chosen to do, ignoring the situation, swept it under the rug.

To these days, Chris Härm is only mentionned behind closed door, like a dirty little secret. Normally, it should be in the hand of the justice of the country where the accusation alleged it took place. And the community should trust that justice system.

How many more do we need ?

How many more victims or sladerer do we hide in our community, how many more secret keepers exist in our community ? What kind of harm does it do ? How many lives where either destroyed/injured by those situation ? Since when does that culture of silence being put in place ? What do we need, what kind of event do we need to end the silence ? Will the community die before this very serious problem is taken care off ?

I agree, this post is very negative, but all those question should be answered.

What I tried to do.

I’ve tried to contact Chris Härm and Branden Nissin, at some email address I’ve found, to this day, I’ve received no answer.

I’m pretty sure that I will receive an important amount of abuse, but that is why the logical lead was created, but it will just further display the real problem of the swing community.

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