Steven Mitchell is back in the Lindy Hop Scene.

Yep, if we are to believe a Belarus website, Steven Mitchell is back at teaching Lindy Hop in the Russian Swing Dancing Community, as usual, I provide proof, unrefutable. I don’t do slander, and I don’t have an agenda other than speaking all the truth I know, helping with fairness and preventing tragedy. This is food for tough people, and my next piece will present to you why Sarah Sullivan message was in my own opinions distorted, and why the danger for other similar event by other well known personality is still there in the swing community. Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 7.13.20 AM He was also teaching at the 24H Hour Swing at the Jazz Festival of Monsegur. So in Europe it seems that they are happy to welcome this legend with open arm, are they aware of what he did to some young women? Sorry if you don’t speak french, but this event was it was from July 2nd to July 5th 2015. All this information was hidden in a PDF, Steven Mitchell name was never mentioned on the website. Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 8.15.55 AM Here is a Video of the performance : If you don’t know who Steven Mitchell is, or why this is relevant, read the following : Know this, It’s not like you can hide, when you are an official instructor for the event, was he cancelled at the last minute, did they other instructor appraised the organizer about what he did to Sarah Sullivan? If you have more information, drop me a comment, if you desire to remain anonym, you can send me an email at


6 thoughts on “Steven Mitchell is back in the Lindy Hop Scene.

  1. It would seem that they are so afraid of the truth that they will ban me everywhere, it sends a clear message to me, dissent will not be tolerated. Good thing I didn’t used my real name, because by now I would probably be receiving death threats.


  2. Who are these fuckers allowing Steven Mitchell to teach? Okay, Russian is a crazy ass place with very poor civil rights, but France? Seriously? Mitchell should not be allowed around women. If he wants to swing dance he should put together a group comprised exclusively of men. Maybe in prison.


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