, serial rapist or victim of slander.

So this is another story, by now you should know how it goes, or those it ? This case is either one of those two, It is either another serial rapist, like Steven Mitchell, or it is a victim of slander.

Who is <Anonymus> ?

<Anonymus> is a teacher/traveling teacher, event organizer, lindy hop and blues dancer. He is a minor LindyStar. So like all the other star, he get some amount of adulation, and he is subject to temptation, by young attractive follow. He travel to events, invited to teach workshop, he is often in position of authority.
In his own words :

“Over the past years <Anonymus> has been working hard, combining his passion for travel and dance, to bring Lindy hop and Blues to Spain, Iceland, Germany, Australia, France, Estonia, Ireland, England, New Zealand, Switzerland, Austria, Infinity…and beyond!”

He is no Superstar, but he is a lindy hop star.

Accusation by Braden Nissin

A few days before 7th of March 2016, this facebook user and well knowned lindy hop dancer accuse <Anonymus> of having raped two women that he know and trust. Their is also the shadow of a third victim.

“I have heard from two women who I trust that <Anonymus> raped them. Both of these accounts were told separately, and as far as I know the two women don’t know each other, they live in very different regions. In at least one case, the one I heard more details about, the word no was said out loud, many times. There also may be a 3rd instance, but this is not something I personally know anything about.”

Source : https://www.facebook.com/SchrodingersHipster/posts/10154759286908747?hc_location=ufi

We only have that post, and this accusation is very thin, we got not much fact, only that two women reported to their friend (Braden Nissin), that they have been raped by <Anonymus>.

Personaly, I believe in due process, and considering the amount of false rape accusation (very high profile), like, the duke lacross rape case, the virginia university gang rape hoax reported by the Rolling Stone Magazine, the Colombia University mess, the latest Jian Gomeshi debacle… Let’s just say that I have way more trust in the justice system then the whole PitchFork Mob mentality of the mass media.

Sources :





Is he innocent, is it why the police didn’t get involved ?

So, why accusing people behind closed door ? How can it make sense ?

Their is off course the ususal way of looking at this situation, the “victims”/accusers are afraid to speak up, they are afraid of what may happen, they see themselves as being expendable, they are afraid of a community wide backlash, and from what I have seen in my year and a half (Yep already been about 18 months that this entity exist), they should be afraid.

But since we know nothing of this situation, there is also the possibility that this is just a story, invented by peoples, who colluded with each other, it could be an exageration, or it could be a case of buyer’s remorse, after a totally consensual encounter.

The fact is, we don’t know.

What does it say about the community ?

What is say about the community, is that we are willing to tolerate slander/criminal actions, that people who are established in the community are above the law, Steven Mitchell’s action, as much as I know, where never brought to the authority. He is still a free man, for his actions. He still probably work as a teacher, in some remote part of our community. And let me remind you, he confessed to the things he was accused of.

It say that our community is way to willing to accuse or ignore the “victims” and swept those pesky situation under the rug, forget it, like it never happen. Even if it keep happening.

Worse, we have learn that some people will basically protect those potential slanderer/sexual predator. Peoples like Jennifer Banister, who keep to herself rape accusation made by women (we presume), and therefore shielding potential rapist or slanderer from the law.

“On a personal note, I’m sure some of my anger at Braden is due to the fact, I’m envious of him. I am the holder of a number of people’s confidences both as a friend and as a member of a safe spaces committee. There is one individual in particular I would like to name, but betraying a rape survivor/victims trust because I am mad at the world and want ‘justice’ is still betraying a survivor/victim who gifted you with trust”

Source : https://www.facebook.com/SchrodingersHipster/posts/10154762268543747?pnref=story

Then what to do ?

It should be simple, evident, any and all rape accusations, should be taken to the authority! If someone has done it to one women, there is a very good chance that he has done it to other women, and that he will do it again.

On the other side, If a woman has falsely accuse a man, there is also a good chance that she did it in the past, and that she will do it again.

The best position for anyone, is neutrality, taking the presumed victim side, could cause the destruction of a person life, and taking the presumed agressor side, when you don’t know the victim, could basically further victimize the victim.

This is the least worst solution, because no perfect solution exist. The worst solution, is do what the community chosen to do, ignoring the situation, swept it under the rug.

To these days, <Anonymus> is only mentionned behind closed door, like a dirty little secret. Normally, it should be in the hand of the justice of the country where the accusation alleged it took place. And the community should trust that justice system.

How many more do we need ?

How many more victims or sladerer do we hide in our community, how many more secret keepers exist in our community ? What kind of harm does it do ? How many lives where either destroyed/injured by those situation ? Since when does that culture of silence being put in place ? What do we need, what kind of event do we need to end the silence ? Will the community die before this very serious problem is taken care off ?

I agree, this post is very negative, but all those question should be answered.

What I tried to do.

I’ve tried to contact <Anonymus> and Branden Nissin, at some email address I’ve found, to this day, I’ve received no answer.

I’m pretty sure that I will receive an important amount of abuse, but that is why the logical lead was created, but it will just further display the real problem of the swing community.

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