Virtue Signaling and the effects on the community.

What is “Virtue Signaling”

Virtue Signalling refers to the public expression of an opinion on a given topic primarily for the purpose of displaying one’s moral superiority before a large audience to solicit their approval.” –

“activities intended to indicate a person’s virtuousness” –

It is basically, talking to show your greatness, it is boasting about how virtuous you are. It accomplish nothing else, but what is intended, making the person LOOK viruous.

What does “Virtue Signaling” accomplish ?

In the community, the virtue signalers accomplish next to nothing, since you are saying what you think other people find virtuous, you are speaking about things that you don’t really understand, things that you can’t see the full effect of. That explain why men are the most agressive with their virtue signaling, they are saying what they believe women want them to say. Creating more problems than correction.

An example is the biggest bomb to blow up in the community, Steven Mitchell, he confessed, but his confession was only virtue signaling, in fact, he still teach, a trully repentent person, would have walked away, this is the least he could have done. A truly virtuous person, would have offer to go to the police station, and confess to the authority, and would have been judge, and would have paid the price of his actions.

This is the difference between virtue, and virtue signaling. The later is done to elevate one self. the former is done from a sense of justice and fairness. So virtue signaling is done instead of really doing something, it is a coward way of dealing with things.

A virtue signaler, need to have a ingroup, he need to be part of a private and select group, people like himself that will protect him, by fear of mutual assured destruction. People he know to be lying, in the same way as he do, and are dishonest when they pretend to be perfect. This create the phenomena of “Clique”.

“The community is broken. It’s clique and it does not foster good dancing relations. The classes are of a GREAT SIZE yet the social dancing scene is small. Why aren’t beginners encouraged from day one to social dance? Why is their no incentive to include them in the community? swing dancing is a social activity yet the social scene is inherently not social.” –

As said in the exerpt, it create a barrier, between most experienced dancer, who have been accepted as part of the ingroup, and will create an echo chamber, repeating what the leaders of the ingroup are saying, for fear of being outcast. They want to keep their place, so they just shutup. This post over there, is one of the few time I saw an honest discution, not brough forward by me.

The post was brought, by a newcomer, in a private group on Facebook, so she can remain anonymous, but since it is clear to me that she didn’t know the unspoken rules, I’m sure TypeJack will inform her.

We see that some people are concerned, they know that this kind of posts is a “no no”. That this kind of post, exposing the very obvious flaws of a community, is not very good for the inflated sense of superiority that seem to be “de rigueur”. And exposing those flaw is not the way to go, people like it the way it is, they don’t want it to change.

“Luckily things posted on a page by non admins are actually very difficult to find by others, and don’t show up in other’s news feeds so it’s not too likely other people will become bitter.

A PM would’ve still be better though.”

Got a bad news to all the conservative in the community, conservative when use in this context, mean that you want to keep things as is. You don’t want to progress to something that could be better. And without the willingness to evolve, only one thing remain, it is death, the death of the community. Me for one, I am not ready to see the community die. I want it to thrive, it is why I take the risk, the risk of being discovered.

Let’s go back to some prime example of virtue signaling.

“Oh yeah, by “our scene” I meant the swing dancing scene in general. My own scene has some of these issues but some of the organizers have gone through periods of soul searching about how to be more welcoming, and while it’s not perfect, I’d like to think it’s not some kind of elitist dystopia.” –

See, how much better we are ? We are not perfect (What, just shy of perfect?).

No solutions ? No inspiration ? Just, we don’t have that problem ?

Somehow, I doubt it, and it seem, I was right. The post before, by the same person, say this.

“At the end of the day, you have to ignore the bullshit. There will always be nice people who have a smile for everyone, there will always be social climbers, there will always be people revolving around the social climbers, there will always be shy people glued to the walls. I find it hard to believe there are scenes out there completely devoid of nice folks. Sometimes new people come in and zero in on the “high profile dancers” and fixate on the idea that they’re being snubbed by the HPDs. Meanwhile the HPDs themselves are a mixture of nice folks, shy folks, assholes, etc. They’re just people. Yeah some dancers may actively snub newbies, some may be too busy getting asked to dance all night to manage to work the room themselves, some (make that MANY) may be socially awkward themselves.”

So the whole soul searching solution is to do nothing. Just saying, nope, there is no problem, it’s all in your head… carry on !

“I’m wondering if this guy moved from a Latin country to a place like Finland or Germany where the social dynamics are less overt? Or if he’s making some faux pas. This is probably what a Really Smelly dancer experiences every night.” – TeardownStrongHold

Same here, must be his/her fault. Nothing to see, carry on. And with a reddit username of “Tear down Strongholds”, it SCREAM progressive virtue signaling.

“In the short term, my response would be along the lines of

‘Wow, I’m really sorry to hear you’ve had an experience like this. Would you be open to discussing this more fully over a coffe/drink? Ideally I’d want to find out more about the issues so that we can try and improve things where possible.’ ” – Zmech

Empty virtue signaling, why not anonymously contact the poster anonymously ? Why proclaim to the world of reddit, talk is cheap, don’t you know.

Is the problem being discussed here, really being addressed ? Off course not. Virtue signaling is the end of it. Those people are not willing to do anything about it, they want to show how virtous they are, collect upvotes, and then, the cow has been milked, let’s move on.

But LOGICAL LEAD, no one gave any good ideas, it is not our job ! Then who’s job is it ? Are we not all part of this community, where is the real courage ? The real conviction ? Are everyone in the community selfish ? Are they usign the community, instead of helping it grow ?

Food for taught.

“I hate to say it, but I understand the feeling. Most people are very nice, but some are almost elitist about their dancing and roll their eyes at anyone not at their level.” – MarinaWilliams

“While I disagree with posting something like this on the group’s page (could end up making even more people bitter), I understand the sentiment as an intermediate who was a beginner not long ago.” – Novalisk

“I’m now in a scene where the teachers are great instructors and great dancers but seem to disappear off to the “good dancers corner” during the social dance. I don’t mind personally but I do recognize the active approach of the first scene I was in.” – Falaphilips

“I have noticed that in our scene, sometimes people who probably weren’t the coolest in their former lives take to swing dancing and see it as an avenue where they can finally be cool. We all want to be special, we all want to be admired, it’s human nature. But part of being an adult is learning that indulging your ego too much makes you a schmuck and separates you from other people.” – Pleine Lune

“This is a common problem in many scenes. I have never seen a scene ‘solve’ it and most do a terrible job at ‘addressing’ it. From what I’ve seen, addressing it will come down to them talking about it, maybe trying one or two things for a few weeks, and then promptly giving up and saying, “We tried!” or “I guess nothing is really broken!” or “I have such a fun time at the dances, maybe it’s just your perspective!” or “Jeez, everyone is so friendly and nice to me!” (everyone being their insular group of friends)

I think part of the reason for this is that people who have been very isolated or outsiders never climb to the top and get the power to address the problems. That’s been my experience, at least. I could never climb the power structure to address it and I didn’t feel like competing or starting from scratch. Maybe when I am settled down somewhere for more than 2-3 months I’ll finally do it.” – b-rad-ly

So… no problems right ?


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