Swing community, Wrong Thinkers need not apply.

I saw a rare shit show in a community. Somewhere on the interweb. I saw one guy, who had a controversial opinion, and backed it up with sources and facts. To be honest, I was touched and proud in some way, hoping that he is one of my 5000 readers.

In that instance, I saw the same old, same old. No argument of any importance, no sources, no facts, all those people attacking him with personal attacks, with absolutely no substances, the same old attack, he must be sexist, he must be a biggot, he is suffering from a mental health issue, he is an idiot, he is crazy. But as usual, no respect of his point of view. It was not generalized, but it was very wide spread.

Some people clearing suffering from an inflated sense of their own moral superiority, even projected this feeling, and say he was arrogant. So, one of those right moment, when the bad traits of the community is exposed for all to see.

What about tolerance of opinion, and point of view ?

From their own admission, they admit that they didn’t knew the guy, so it beg to reason that they felt threaten by his point of view. Threaten enough to attack him, personnaly.

So if the guy was not well knowned, the only thing that distinguish him, from other guys, was his opinion. I now know that tolerance is something that the community pride itself of being. But is that tolerance limited to different genders, sexual orientation, the part of the world you come from, the color of your skin ?

Being tolerant, if it is to be considered a virtue, must be applied to everything, tolerance of opinion and point of view included. If you are intolerant, feel attacked, feel threaten by another person point of view, for the simple fact that you don’t agree with them, then you are in fact intolerant.

I saw some virtue signaling, statement who are very common, empty in their underlying reasoning, stated only for personal gains, to prove to other that you are a “good” person, that you got right think.

Those people who virtue signal, never give any reason, any facts, and therofore maybe not be trusted, we can’t know what they really think, if they are not deceiving the people they are signalling to. On the other hand, they could be honest, and truly believe what they say, and grew tired of explaining themselves.

But the risk remain that they may be hypocrits, hiding what they really think, in order to be accepted and liked, or worse further a personal agenga who doesn’t have the good of the community in mind.

Wolf in sheep clothing.

The problem with a very rigid code of thought, is that some people with absolutely no opinion or investment in those issue, can easily hide in this kind of community. They repeat the mantra, and become like all the other good persons. Their own personal agenda could be to sleep with very young women, or find a way to take money out of the community, to gain power and influence, all they need to do, is repeat the mantra, virtue signal, and become the best dancer money can buy. In fact, some people see the community as an opportunity for personal gain, I know some people like that.

It would be immensely more difficult, if people were not frown upon, when they state their own personal opinion, if people were accepted, even if their point of view differ, one day or another, in that kind of environment, there is no rule, and one of those wolf in sheep clothing would miss step, become suspicious, because he would feel restrained, akward. But these day, everybody in the community feel restrained, their smile are sometimes too artificial, akwards, they are very cautious, or don’t talk at all, it is a perfect environment to fit it, as long as you know the code, and know the right way of seeing things.

And finally, the most obvious wolf, me. I’ve been easily hidding in the community. Danced, had fun, all that with my wrong opinion and unique view of the world well hidden, it is easy really. I’ve travelled quite a few time in the last year, and I discovered that some people was searching for me, I was right under thier noses.  I’ve even promessed a few people that I would keep my eyes open, sorry, but i cannot help it, I’ve got a little smirk, while writing this.

But then, if the right opinions, and the right view of the world was not a requisite, on pain of become irrelevant, invisible, being directly ostracized. Then I would not need to hide in this community, I don’t mind that people disagree, I mind that people are usign their social power to destroy people through influence, gossip, slander or libel.

In order to dance like no one is watching, you must be confortable being yourself.

We are missing a lot of creativity, this frame is too strict, because that frame even include what is accptable music to dance to. When DJs limit their creativity with the question : “Is it ok if I play this song, if it swing ?”, you can bet that we are missing wonderful opportunity of growth. The same line of thinking apply to other area of the dance, the move we include in our routine, the little flavor and personnality we choose to include, one incident come to mind the “kenel” incident, two french dancer did a sign in their dance, and it was judge hateful. They were very quickly attacked, no explenation accepted, some even asked that they lost their position in the contest they were in.

In the case of Irene Mauvais, she was verbally attack, people lied about her, tell her that she liked Hitler… Very classy, actually, it is very trashy, and without any other reason that at the moment she did that sign, she became the enemy.

I had one of my friend, a french dancer, who explain to me the meaning of that sign, from is point of view, it is basically showing somebody shoving is harm up someone behand, and the hand show up to where. It is directed at the government and the establishment. So, I don’t think it is an inverted Nazi salute, because it would make no sense, in some movie, and culture, an inverted crucifix mean satan, basically, the inverse of god.

So yeah, tolerance should become real, right now, we are living in a very PC climate, full of right think, empty virtue signalling, and an important number of wolf in sheep clothing, playing the system against itself.

Once again, I feel the need to repeat myself.

I believe that the first step of taking care of a problem is to name it. That is why I write these posts, my posts are not perfect, but at least, they are honest in my desire to instill changes, and those changes, I feel will make the community better, healthier.


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