Little Thought experiment.

Let’s do a small experiment together, let play a gender switch game, let’s close our eyes and picture a women, not overly attractive, just ok looking, and let give that girl a name, let’s call her The Logical Follow.

Now, let’s take a look at an event, where this women was victim of harassment.

Like in this post : I’ve got my own personal Stalker

If this was a women account, would you take the time to read ? Trying to truly understand what happen ? How would you find it, would you automatically jump to the conclusion that this person must have deserved it ?

Ask yourself those questions, and then switch the gender back, are the answer the same as before ?

If you are truly honest, maybe you did see that your answer are quite different, maybe for you, when it is a man, you find him to be whiny. You are telling yourself that he must have deserved it. this is the Empathy gap.


Don’t worry, I am not crying…. 🙂

But the empathy gap is a very real phenomena, and it color everything you see in the world, it even change the way you judge and react to situation.

This empathy gap is one of the component that cause the gender imbalance in the community, and this gap, is what make people make harsher judgement.


2 thoughts on “Little Thought experiment.

  1. Woman and follow are not the same thing. Also, if you think people are being more kind to follows, you’ve got it very wrong. There are more of them in the scene, which means the scene can be incredibly harsh and unforgiving for them.


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