Small Challenge.

This is my reddit thread :

Here you can see all that I’ve posted, So if you are indeed justify in banning me, prove it.

Show where I went so overboard that I HAD TO BE BANNED.

I dare you to take the time, if you can find an example, I’ll remove my reddit Post, and even apologize, here, on my blog.

And I will still be banned, on top of that, I’ll make no attempt at trolling, or even concern trolling by creating new accounts.

n.b. To issue my challenge, I’ll need to ask one of my friend to post it for me, if you feel you must ban him, he doesn’t care, he is not a dancer.

Edit : I’ve got my answer, some guys, probably from reddit/r/SwingDancing accused me of dishonesty, saying that I created false comments and insulted me. If it was so obvious that I broke the code of conduct, they could shut me up real fast, since from what they say about me, I was constantly breaking the code of conduct.

I will give them more time, maybe they will shut me up for good. But right now, the score is 0 – 2.


3 thoughts on “Small Challenge.

  1. I’ve read it, I see no justification for such an action, and I would hope that we might be enlightened as to the reason. Despite my disagreeing with him on almost every matter, I would not have him banned from the subreddit, as he do provide a bit of balance 😉


  2. Truly, the scene has been taken over by the ultra-liberal agenda that is administered by all the major social events. They have chokepoints wherever they want them ready to take away the voice of any dissident they so choose.


  3. We all know how the SJW works, they invade peacful subcultures and inject them with toxcity making it impossible to have normal conversations without being called sexist, racist etc. This has already happened in atheism, science and movies, with videogames still valiantly resisting the onslaught. And now here.


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