Mistake of politicizing the community.

I’ve decided to comment on the recent and agressive politicalization of the community, it is an alarming trend, from my point of view, it will create an even worse climate of silence, and will generate even more troubles that will be hidden from plain sight.

The community has been said to be political.

Yep, this is now figuratively true, the swing community has adopted a leftist political stance, with all the buzzwords : cultural appropriation, diversity, safe spaces, white privilege, white guilt, male privilege and very soon, speech code and patriarchy.

Special thanks to Carl Nelson for his acclaim declaration.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 1.53.53 PM

And the message here is not one of inclusion, but one of exclusion, if you don’t agree with the leftist political stance of the community, get the fuck out !

How is that for tolerance and acceptation ? These days it seem that tolerance and acceptation is only skin deep. Diversity and acceptation is not for ideas, point of view or political stance, all those things who are deep inside you and have personal meaning, it mean only the colour of your skin. If you don’t agree with US, GTFO !

The Danger of a political stances.

The statement of Carl Nelson embodied everything that is wrong in the idea that a community take a political stance, it is intolerant and is against inclusion. It give an excuse to people to ban, it give excuses to people of the community to commit abuses, it give excuses to dehumanize other human beings.

Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 6.24.17 AM

When Miranda Longaker say “Lindy hoppers saying some borderline racist stuff. Nothing new.”, This is a statement, not an opinion, this is Libel in the purest form, good thing she retracted herself.

Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 6.28.54 AM.png

This is not inclusion, acceptation and tolerance, this is quite the opposite.

Would I prefer a community with a right political stance ?

Being a centrist myself, and I am, I don’t want a right wing community, any stance other than a neutral stance open problems. A neutral stance would send a strong signal, the signal that everyone is welcome, any opinion is welcome. Even unpopular opinion, like “I think that Max is not a nice person” would be welcome. It would open the floodgate of idea, or problems to solves, it would bring the need for solutions, and necessity is the mother of inventions.

Power and responsibility.

Power and responsibility goes hand in hand, some individual have a lot of power in our community, that they like it of not. And with great power come great responsibility. I’m talking to Rik Panganiban, Morgan Day, Annie Trudeau and all the other who are revered. For a lot of those people, it is time that they take a good hard look at themselves, acknowledge their own bias, and take actions. They should change their ways, or just stand aside and let better peoples take the lead.

In any way, the only strong position that any one people in position of power should take, is a position of neutrality.

For one, the political left is subtly racist.

Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 5.12.09 AM

To paraphrase Shelby L. Johnson, peoples should be valued for their talent, not the colour of their skin, people of colour are judge more for the colour of their skin than for their real and present talent, they are “some pawn in a white persons quest to atone for their guilt…”. Their is a word for this, assuming someone quality or default based only on the colour of their skin, we call it racism.

In this video, I’ve put a timecode on a very important statement


This phenomena of over acceptance is very uncomfortable, and it is racist. The community treat peoples of colour differently, because of the colour of their skin.

This phenomena will be experienced by LGBTQ+ dancers has well, it is not acceptation, it is way more than that, in a bad way. All those people are becoming tokens, tokens of virtue signalling. All the fuss created by Rik Panganiban when he pushed the conversation about renaming the jack & jill, have already send the strong signal that LGBTQ+ dancers are special, in some virtuous way, they are better than the rest of the community.

Anyone who know anything about human nature, know that this state of affair regarding people of colour and member of the LGBTQ+ community will create division and tension. It will create accusation in the result of the competition, will raise flags of favouritism, and ultimately, will create a community that people will choose to quit.

The only winning move is not to play.

Neutrality is the only way to win, as a community, we must not sway to the right, or the left, and the more power people acquire in the community, the more neutral they should become.

The community has a whole, should reward people who are humble enough to clearly state that they don’t know everything, who are open to discussion with ideas they don’t agree with, who try to remain open and neutral.

This move to the left is very dangerous, it will start the pendulum swinging, and when the momentum of the pendulum will push it in the other direction, people who started the pendulum will come to regret it.

We should stop the pendulum, and put it at rest, in a neutral position, if you have a political view that is align to the left, you should be the first to stop it, because the higher you push the pendulum up, the more you’ll have to regret it, when it come crashing down on his way to the right.


3 thoughts on “Mistake of politicizing the community.

  1. I’m thinking about the second statement in Carl’s post – that the Savoy was political. Do you agree with that? Do you agree that the context around the creation of lindy hop and the environment that it was originally danced in was political?


    1. When I see people dancing Lindy Hop, I don’t see a statement, I see creativity, positivity and fun.

      Politicizing the community goes against inclusion and tolerance and definitely goes against the modo : “Danse like no one is watching”

      This community is obviously not the community that died in the 1920-30. For a lot of obvious reason.

      All I see right now, politically wise, is a creep in of leftist propaganda and their buzz words, like safe space, cultural appropriation, false privilege.

      This make me fear full of the bad side of that supposed “tolerance”, which is more of a code word for intolerance of the opposing point of view.

      As a community, we should welcome everyone, everyone who do not act against other people, and no, opinions doesn’t count as an act.

      Anyway, I respect your opinion even if you disagree with mine, and your comment is safe here.

      Thank you for writing.


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